Urgent Cash - Lied to me and charged a hidden a "check cashing fee"

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I am a consumer in Ohio I feel that I have not been protected by the State of Ohio.I use the cash advances in Ohio and I have been going to one is Zanesville, Ohio called URGENT CASH.

I recently started questioning some of the paper work that they have been giving me to sign. I realized they have been charging me a checking cashing fee on the check they presented to me to sign without me knowing it. They never asked me if I wanted to cash the check, just stated that that it was part of my paperwork. I noticed on my loan contract that the principal amount of my loan was not the amount I was given.

I realize now they were including the check cashing fee on my loan and I was paying it when I returned to payoff my loan. I have been going there for many years and the fees I have paid for this check cashing fee is over $5,000. After I started questioning why they have been doing this they would no longer loan to me. How is this possible that they have been allowed to take advantage of unsuspecting customers that trust these businesses to be honest?

I know they have other Branches in Marietta, Heath, and Bridgeport in Ohio. I believe that they are doing this to all their customers and if they are, wouldn't all the check numbers they have been presenting to the customers and cashing them unknowingly be in sequential order as proof of what they have been doing. If they are doing the same in all of them, there is a lot of Ohioans that are not being protected by the state of OHIO.

I have a family to take care of in these hard economic times that I could have used that $5,000 to do so.Please, look into this unethical practice and stop it.

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